requeixo en la prensa

The requeixo in the press

Over the years, the requeixo, one of Galicia’s traditional products par excellence, has become more widely known outside of our autonomous community. During the last weeks, several newspapers have reported the benefits of consuming this product. From here we want to thank The voice of Galicia Y OK Daily for the articles they have made.

The first of the two appearances of the requeixo in the press is that of La Voz De Galicia. The article titled « Requeixo, the Galician superfood that has nothing to envy to kefir «In it, an expert highlights that» requeixo is one of the most complete foods to protect the defenses. » He also comments that requeixo is sent to Madrid, in part, because a doctor began to recommend it to patients who were undergoing chemotherapy. Finally, they emphasize that the global organization Slow Food considers it as one of the products that must be protected in the world.

As for the article in Ok Diario, which is titled «Requeixo is the Galician superfood that you will want to incorporate into your diet «They also talk about the advantages of consuming this product. In this article we can find things like:» This cheese has the best of milk, it is an unprecedented concentration of nutrients. It will help us improve our digestion and take care of ourselves inside with minimal effort. «

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