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requeixo vs requeson

Requeixo vs Cottage cheese. What are the differences?

It is a fact that there are still many people who do not know the differences between the request and the curd. In this article we will clarify the main differences between the two products.

To do this, we will review three key aspects: the history of the products, their characteristics and how they are made, as well as a brief summary as a conclusion with the main differences.

1. History of the products

Before knowing the main differences between these two products, it is important to know what the origins of both products are.

1.1 Where does the requeixo come from?

Although it is not known when the request , what we do have clear is that comes from Galicia and it was not always called that. Popularly this product was called «leite trallado», «leite taken» or «leite quiet».

The requeixo is a popular product in the most modest houses of Galicia. This type of family used to have cows and, with the help of a strainer, they used to make this popular dessert. Finally, as anecdotal data, it was a tradition to give the pilgrims who made the Camino de Santiago a request for it. «Camiño da Raiña» .

1.2 Where does cottage cheese come from?

Cottage cheese is roughly the same cheese as ricotta . Its origin comes from Italy and owes its name to the Latin word «collect» , whose meaning is overcooked. Athenaeus already named this type of cheese in the 3rd century BC. However, the origin of cottage cheese is found in the north of Catalonia and even in some countries such as Ukraine.

2. Characteristics of the products

After knowing the origins of both requeixo and cottage cheese, we now go to the next point: its characteristics. Both requeixo and cottage cheese have different qualities that we will explain below.

2.1 Characteristics of the requeixo:

The main ingredient in this product is cow’s milk. Some producers use rennet and others allow the natural yeasts in the milk to act, but in both cases, no other ingredient is used.

Furthermore, this product does not contain added salt , so it has little fat content, making it a very healthy product for people with low sodium diets.

Third, requeixo is probiotic, that is, it helps protect our defenses by maintaining the good bacteria in the human body.

2.2 Characteristics of cottage cheese:

The cottage cheese is not a cheese unlike requeixo, but a dairy that is obtained from whey. It is very smooth on the palate and easy to eat. Therefore, it is very good for those who need a soft diet.

3. Elaboration of the products

As we have told you before, both requeixo and cottage cheese are very different. Another good proof of this is the elaboration of both.

3.1 How is the request made?

The request it is achieved after putting the curdled milk in a cloth bag that is later hung to allow the whey to drip. The texture of the product will depend on the drying time, and can vary from a texture similar to yogurt to one more similar to a fresh cheese.

3.2. How is the cottage cheese made ?:

The curd It is made through the whey that is left over after making cheese. Then it is treated by adding lactic acid bacteria and heat is applied at a temperature of approximately 90º. This is heated until a white mass is obtained.

4. Main differences between requeixo and cottage cheese

As Alejandro Martínez said in a interview with La Voz De Galicia : «The main difference is that requeixo is a fresh cheese without salt that is made from cow’s milk. Rather, cottage cheese comes from buttermilk.

Although there are different types of requeixo depending on the rest of the product, this product has more texture, consistency and creaminess, like any fresh cheese. By contrast, cottage cheese has a consistency more similar to breadcrumbs.

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