Jose Carlos Capel and Julia Pérez Lozano visit our cooperative

Last Friday, July 23, was a memorable day for our cooperative. We received a visit from Jose Carlos Capel , gastronomic critic of El País and creator and president of Madrid Fusion and his wife Julia Perez Lozano of .

We enjoyed a pleasant time together in which we showed them the production process of our products from which they were pleased to collect photography and video. Visual evidence of how we mold and make the balls in a purely manual and artisan process.

The entire experience has been collected by an excellent article on the Gastronotas de Capel blog entitled «Requeixo, the Galician cheese that was never cottage cheese» and to which we invite you access through this link .

Very grateful for the interest and kindness and hoping to see you again at As Neves in the future.

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