This year 2021, as a result of the new postponement of the Requeixo e Mel de As Neves Fair and with the aim of keeping its spirit strong for when it reorganizes, we have taken the opportunity to launch this new initiative, the Mes Virtual do Requeixo e Mel, that will take place completely online gathering different visibility actions , content and activities spread throughout the month, organized both from the Council of As Neves , since our Cooperative and with content provided by the lovers of Requeixo e Mel.

One of the activities framed in this event and following the tradition of recent years, is the celebration of a Recipe contest with Requeixo , in which different bloggers from the world of national gastronomy participate.

CONTENT (it is updated as it is published on social networks):

Welcome message by Xosé Manuel Rodríguez , Mayor of As Neves

Xosé Manuel Rodríguez, Mayor of As Neves, inaugurates the celebration of the Virtual Month of Requeixo e Mel de As Neves 2021, a month that will be full of activity, gastronomy and enthusiasm.

Message from Alejandro Martínez, president of Cooperativa Condado Paradanta

We continue to celebrate the Virtual Month of Requeixo with Alejandro Martínez, president of the Paradanta County Cooperative.

Message and Recipe from Iñaki Bretal, from Restaurante O Eirado (Pontevedra)

Message and Recipe from Begoña Vázquez from Restaurant Regueiro da Cova (Verín)

Message and Recipe from Ángel Martínez and Victor Otero from Xanela Gastronómica (Ponteareas, Pontevedra)

Message and Recipe from Adrián Albino do Niño Corvo (Vigo, Pontevedra)

Message and Recipe from Marco Varela Sábrego Restaurant – Casal de Armán (Ribadavia, Ourense)

Message and Recipe from Miguel Mosteiro do Gastrolab Arousa (Boiro, A Coruña)

Message and Recipe from Óscar Vidal from Restaurante Asador O Pazo ( Census , A Coruña)

Farewell message from Alejandro Martinez and Lucía González