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Quesitos Requeixo de As Neves


This format contains requeixo quesitos of 83 g (aprox) each

The Requeixo of As Neves is unique in Galicia. This is because it is a cheese with its own personality due to its characteristic shape, which has been preserved intact over the years, and because of the way it is made. Only milk, rennet, lactic ferments and a lot of love are used.

Requeixo cheeses aremade with 100% Galician cow’s milk, of certified quality and from local farms. Its fresh aroma and pearly appearance invite you to taste it. Moreover, its taste brings back the pleasure of remembering “the flavours of childhood”. Great versatility in today’s kitchen.




Energy value: 217Kcal

Total fat: 18g

Carbohydrates: 1.7g

Crude protein: 12.1g

Salt: 0,10g

Total sugars: 1,1g

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Half dozen – 0,5 KG (aprox) – 6 Quesitos, Dozen- 1 KG (aprox) – 12 Quesitos