oscar vidal asador o pazo

Meeting Oscar Vidal

Who is Oscar Vidal?

Oscar Vidal He is one of those young chefs to be reckoned with. In 2020, The vanguard He was considered one of the 8 most promising chefs of the coming years and little by little that talent is consolidating. Currently, we can find Oscar in the Grill or Pazo , in Padrón.

Grill or Pazo

The Grill or Pazo Its main feature is the grill that is combined with both the best meats and fish and shellfish from the Galician estuaries. In 2020 they have been awarded their first Sun Repsol . In addition to the raw materials already mentioned, Óscar also makes use of the request , as shown in the video that left us as the reason for Virtual Month 2021 and that we invite you to see:

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