Popular Prize Winner Recipe Contest with Requeixo

On the 29th, at 11:59 p.m. Jaime Trinidad became the winner of the Popular Prize of the Recipe Contest with Requeixo thanks to his recipe “Requeixo and Honey mousse waffle” .

From among the 5 finalist recipes published on our Instagram account, his was the most voted through likes.

The final classification was:

  1. Jaime Trinidad @jimmichef “Requeixo and Honey mousse waffle” – 784 likes
  2. Anna Martinez @mediterraneanna_ “Gnocchi de Requeixo” – 656 likes
  3. Rosendo Hurtado @cooking “Magnum of Requeixo and Honey” – 580 likes
  4. Maria Jose Basanta @mariajose_laurelycanela “Requeixo and spicy prawns on tostón” – 372 likes
  5. Isabel barcia @RecipesFacilities “Requeixo Cake, Cookies and Honey without oven” – 272 likes

We want to congratulate the five finalists for the great level shown and their collaboration to carry out this first virtual edition of the Recipe Contest with Requeixo.

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