Condado Paradanta Award Winner Recipe Contest with Requeixo

Jaime Trinidad becomes the winner of the Condado Paradanta Award of the Recipe Contest with Requeixo thanks to his recipe “Requeixo and Honey mousse waffle” .

Our technical jury scored the 14 participating recipes according to:

  • Contribution of the recipe to the putting in value of the requixo, as well as the dissemination of the gastronomy elaborated based on its products.
  • Creative and original intention of the recipe applied to the name of the dish, and the presentation suggestions.
  • Simplicity of ingredients and the techniques used.

The classification of the 5 finalist recipes It was:

  1. Jaime Trinidad @jimmichef “Requeixo and Honey mousse waffle” – 88 points
  2. Isabel barcia @RecipesFacilities “Requeixo Cake, Cookies and Honey without oven” – 73 points
  3. Rosendo Hurtado @cooking “Magnum of Requeixo and Honey” – 67 points
  4. Anna Martinez @mediterraneanna_ “Gnocchi de Requeixo” – 59 points
  5. Maria Jose Basanta @mariajose_laurelycanela “Requeixo and spicy prawns on tostón” – 55 points

To all authors, we would like to thank you deeply for your participation In this Contest, for us they are already part of the family of our cooperative. A great level has been shown and also excellent cooperation to carry out this first virtual edition of the Recipe Contest with Requeixo.

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