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Getting to know Iñaki Bretal

Who is Iñaki Bretal?

Although he was born in Donostia, Iñaki Bretal is one of the most prominent personalities in Galician cuisine thanks, in part, to his restaurant Eirado da Leña, in Pontevedra.

His beginning in the kitchen is related to his first job at sea, which made him want to cook on vacation to eat well when he was on land. After discovering his true vocation, he studied at the Centro Superior de Hostelería de Santiago, where he even became a teacher later.

Restaurante Eirado Da Leña

As for his restaurant, Eirado da Leña, it is the fifth Galician restaurant with a Michelin Star and the first in Pontevedra. It is located in Plaza Da Leña, very close to the Mercado de Abastos, which supplies the best Galician fish. In addition, Iñaki also uses the Requeixo de As Neves for his dishes, as shown in the following video.