Ángel Martinez y Víctor Otero A Xanela Gastronómica

Getting to know Ángel Martínez and Víctor Otero

We continue to share the wonderful initiative that the Council of As Neves is carrying out this April from its social networks, with videos of seven great chefs that promote the excellence of Requeixo and Miel. Today we meet …

Who are Ángel Martínez and Víctor Otero?

Ángel Martínez and Víctor Otero They are two friends who shared his passion for cooking. They both studied cooking together and then separated for years while continuing to learn at different restaurants. In 2015, they both chose their hometown, Ponteareas, to go on an adventure together: To Xanela Gastronomica .

To Xanela Gastronomica

This restaurant run by Víctor and Ángel has two very different parts. The first, a more informal area more aimed at tapas and less elaborate dishes and the second one where you can enjoy the best of the culinary proposal and its team. The request It is also part of both environments as explained in the following video with a message dedicated to the Fair of Requeixo and Honey and recipe.

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