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Requeixo Premium As Neves and Miel de Galicia

Surprise giving away an Experience of the senses by As Neves

From our cooperative we keep the tradition alive , producing the original, traditional and famous Requeixo de As Neves (Pontevedra) together with the honey that sweetens it to be presented in dessert or in a variety of gourmet cuisine dishes. From our website you can buy requeixo and honey online.

The Requeixo from As Neves

It’s a cheese unique in Galicia , with its own personality not only because of its characteristic shape, preserved intact through the years, but also because of the way it is made, in which only milk, rennet, lactic ferments and a lot of love are used.

Made with 100% Galician cow’s milk, of certified quality and from local farms. Its pearly appearance and fresh aroma invite you to taste it, and its taste provokes the pleasure of remembering “the flavors of childhood”. Great versatility in today’s kitchen. If you want to buy requeixo online, access directly from this link .

Your ideal complement, Paradanta County Honey

Our honey is pure nature, without the use of any type of treatment or preservatives.

We have two types, the Honey from Condado Paradanta the mountains and forests of a Paradanta and Condado (Paradanta County Honey) and the option to accompany it with Galician nuts (Honey with nuts), collected in the walnut trees located in the area of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through Samos (Lugo).

Would you like to work with our products?

We work with a network of distributors, hospitality businesses and points of sale at a national and international level

In 1996, five years after the celebration of the first Fair do Requeixo e Mel de As Neves Our cooperative is founded with the aim of supplying all the demand that arose from this great and already famous event

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