ventajas de comprar el requeixo online

5 Advantages of buying the Requeixo online

In this article we will tell you why it is also a good idea to buy our requeixo in our online store

A few weeks ago we launched a new sales format, in combination with our physical points, store and collaborating establishments. For some time now you can also buy our products online and in this article we tell you 5 advantages of opting for this modality.

1. Comfort

Without a doubt, the greatest advantage of buying online is convenience. You can buy from anywhere. While traveling, from your home … You save time and best of all, we take it to your door.

2. Availability 24 hours

We don’t have a schedule! in our online store you can buy whatever the time of day.

3. Complete product variety

In our online store you will have all the variety of products available. In our stores it can sometimes happen that the product you are going for is not available.

4. More product information

Although all our points of sale make it incredible, in our online store you can find all the information you need about the products that interest you.

5. Buy products that are not available in any establishment near your area

It may happen that there is no establishment near where you live. In this way, buying online allows you to buy products that would otherwise be very difficult to get.

You can visit our online store here

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